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Terms & Conditions


These are the Terms and Conditions of Sale of all goods, merchandise and services (“the Goods”) supplied by Cool Change Doors and Windows Pty Ltd (ACN: 600 054 706/ABN: 22 600 054 706) (“Cool Change”) to any person, firm or company placing an order with Cool Change for the purchase of any goods (”the Customer”).

Only details and diagrams contained in a signed quote will be manufactured. No subsequent correspondence of any type will be accepted as evidence of changes made by the client unless Cool Change has incorporated these changes in the latest version of the quote and had it signed by the client and returned.


1. This quotation is valid for 30 days and is subject to review at the expiration of 30 days.

2. Any alteration to the order made after acceptance of this quotation and prior to manufacture may incur additional cost.

3. All Goods will be supplied with no surface finishes unless otherwise specified. Sanding, filling, sizing and cleaning shall be the responsibility of the Customer.

4. Primed Goods will be sealed with one (1) coat of Dulux 1 Step acrylic primer. Sanding and subsequent undercoats are the responsibility of the Customer. Trimming of excess glazing silicone is the responsibility of the Customer.

5. All timber sections and profiles used are the standard Cool Change profiles unless stated and agreed otherwise. In the case of double-glazed Goods, the sashes are square in profile to accommodate the increased thickness of the glazed assembly.

6. No hardware is supplied to hinged doors. Hinged doors are to be fitted (planed or sanded) and hung by others.

7. All quoted measurements are the overall size of the frame and are to be within the stated tolerances of AS2047.

8. Correct final dimensions are to be supplied by the Customer to Cool Change. Should Cool Change be engaged to perform an on-site measure, all frames should be complete with any required packing. Measurements taken by Cool Change must be checked by the Customer.

9. All glazing is to comply with AS1288.

10. Restriction of window opening where required is the responsibility of the Customer.

11. Timber reacts to atmospheric moisture and it will shrink and swell in periods of dry and wet weather. If an operating panel of a door or window unit swells and becomes ‘sticky’, this is not a defect and can be fixed by planing as necessary. Cool Change purchases only the best radially sawn Western Red Cedar. All units are tested for operation in our factory and are despatched with a moisture content within the range specified by AS2047. Site climatic conditions are outside the control of Cool Change. Warranty is void if protective coatings are not applied prior to the products being exposed to weather.

12. Glazing bars will be adhered to the safety glass to form the pattern required by the client. Integrated glazing bars are used only when different glasses are required in the one panel, or are specifically designated in accepted quotation.


13. Goods manufactured by Cool change are warranted against any faulty work or failures in the products caused within the manufacturing process or during delivery for seven (7) years. This warranty is voided if the defects have arisen from incorrect installation, protective coatings not being applied prior to exposure to weather, lack of appropriate maintenance or mistreatment. Inappropriate hardware that diminishes the structural integrity of the products is not the responsibility of Cool Change Pty Ltd. If any doubt as to the suitability of the hardware is evident Cool Change will advise when requested.

14. All operational hardware is warranted for replacement to the extent of the warranty offered to Cool Change by the supplier of that hardware.

15. Cool Change advises the Customer to paint Goods exposed to direct sunlight in light reflective colours. If dark colours are used excessive shrinkage and warping of the timber may occur and thus void warranty.

16. Goods must be inspected upon arrival for visible defects and all claims based thereon must be filed within two (2) days.

17. Cool Change accepts no liability for incorrectly installed joinery.

18. A call-out fee of $150.00 will apply if a Customer calls Cool Change to a site for any defect caused by:
a) incorrect installation of joinery, or
b) failure to adjust hardware to suit joinery.

19. Warranty will not apply if the structural strength of the mortise and tenon joints are compromised by cutting, installing hardware or alterations.

20. Minor surface imperfections do not constitute defects.

21. Texture and colour variations do not constitute defects, as timber is a natural product.

22. Cool Change will not be held responsible for costs of hanging, installing, lock or hardware fitting, painting or any other costs arising from the replacement of Goods.


23. A 50% deposit is required on placement of order with the balance payable prior to delivery.

24. Due to the programming of manufacture there is no refund of deposit upon cancellation of an order after 3 days from placement of the order.

25. The Goods are available for final inspection at 1/17 Tepko Road, Terrey Hills prior to final payment and dispatch.

26. In the event of the Customer not making final payment for the Goods within seven (7) days of the completion of the order, or indicating to Cool Change that they will not be making the final payment, Cool Change reserves the right to dispose of the Goods and recover outstanding monies owed by the Customer including legal costs incurred in such a recovery action. This clause does not apply if the Customer and Cool Change agree on an alternative arrangement.

27. Cool Change will charge a storage fee:

a) for Goods not fully paid for upon completion; and/or
b) if delivery/collection does not proceed on completion of manufacture.
This storage fee is $70 per day after 3 days of notification that the order is ready for delivery.

28. Where a quote includes delivery this means one (1) delivery to site. If a Customer needs an order staggered over several deliveries, second and subsequent deliveries to site may incur additional cost.

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