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Set the Tone for Your Home: Start with Custom Front Doors Sydney

The front door of a home should do more than simply swing on its hinges – it needs to make a statement too! A front door serves as the gateway from the outside world into our private and unique spaces, keeping undesirables out of our home while ensuring safety and comfort for those inside. Front doors form an integral component of a home’s street appeal. You’ve only got one shot to make a killer first impression so showcase your home and personal style with Sydney custom front doors.

Custom design a front door that is uniquely you

At Cool Change we understand that no home is the same, so no two front doors need look the same either. Choose a front door that complements the exterior of your home with the help of our design team. We manufacture all manner of timber front doors, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. We can build the perfect piece to express your home’s character and complement its architecture. All of our front doors are custom manufactured to suit the exact measurements of your home.

Nothing beats the superior aesthetic of timber

We believe that nothing looks quite so characterful and timeless as a custom timber front door. And the finishing touches you apply following installation allow you to make your front door a deserved focal point. You can choose to paint your door to unify your home’s exterior colour scheme. Or why not emphasise the richness, texture and grain of your selected timber by applying an oil or stained finish. Whether painted or au naturel, timber front doors are simply beautiful.

Unbeatable energy efficiency

Timber front doors provide unparalleled thermal efficiency year-round. By sealing in heat during the winter and blocking it out during the summer, you will enjoy consistent comfort and lower energy bills as well. The BASIX certificate is one of Australia’s strongest sustainable residential planning measures, and it values timber front doors well over aluminium for thermal properties and sustainability. So kick back, relax, and enjoy your cheaper bills!

With over 30 years of experience in the building industry, the team at Cool Change Doors and Windows are your leading experts on Sydney timber front doors and custom windows. Our designs and expert craftsmanship deliver both style and substance, ensuring our products will elevate every house to a home you can’t wait to return to. To learn more about our custom front doors as well as our other products – including sliding doors, custom windows and pivot doors – give the team at Cool Change Doors and Windows a call today!


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