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Maximise Your Outdoor Living Space with Sliding Stacking Doors Sydney

When the Sydney sun is shining, outdoor living spaces like patios and decks become the best places for everything from an enjoyable get-together to a tranquil moment of meditation. They provide tons of natural light, refreshing ventilation and connect us with nature. So, before your next day of outdoor entertaining, consider the benefits of integrating your indoor and outdoor living areas by installing new timber sliding stacking doors.

Make the patio part of your home

Installing a set of sliding stacking doors turns your deck, patio or balcony into a new outdoor room by creating ease of access to additional floor space and the outside world. Whether entertaining guests or simply enjoying a slow start to the day, open up your sliding doors to seamlessly connect your living room and outdoor area.

Practical, space-saving design

Unlike hinged doors which require a clearance zone when opening, sliding stacking doors can be designed to stack in front of each other, on the face of an external wall or they can slide away into wall cavities. This preserves a room’s floor area and wall space which can then be used for decorative touches like artworks, rugs, pot plants and furniture.

Increase light and ventilation

Even if you are lounging on the couch, you can still bring that outdoor experience right inside with sliding stacking doors. Leaving your sliding doors open allows any stale indoor air to escape. When the weather is comfortable, opening your sliding doors can help keep your home cool and comfortable – so you can give your air conditioning a break! Even when closed, sliding doors still act like a giant window, flooding living areas with natural light and framing the view beyond.

A modern, yet natural look

Timber sliding doors are the perfect addition to your renovation wish list due to their natural aesthetic as well as their practical design. When built to match the style and dimensions of your home, sliding stacking doors will not only fit into your home perfectly but also blend seamlessly into the landscape surrounding it.

Built-in longevity

Western red cedar is the timber species of choice for sliding door manufacturing for many reasons, including its incredible durability. This dependable timber contains natural oils that combat decay and insect attack, making it extremely stable and resistant to warping, cupping, swelling, and twisting. Plus, it is sustainably harvested and biodegradable, making it vastly superior to aluminium products. Expect your custom sliding doors to last for many years to come.

When you decide that the time is right to install sliding stacking doors to your Sydney home, give Cool Change Doors and Windows a call. Our products can transform the place you live into the home of your dreams. With expertise in Sydney sliding doors, wood windows, privacy screens and so much more, we are your one-stop shop for all you need to bring the outside in at your place.


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